Female Hair and Haircut Models Wanted

No Modelling Experience is required to shoot for Mane Art.
We offer good fees for hair and haircutting shoots at our photography studio.
We only shoot fashion style hair and haircutting photography.

More detailed information below

How to be a Hair/Haircut model for Mane Art

As we provide new updates for Mane Art on a regular basis, we are always seeking hair and haircut models for photoshoots at our professional photography studio in Hertfordshire, UK. We understand that you may wish to work with us but are unable to travel to our studio so we have another way for you to be involved (please check our Content Partners tab).

This page is based on shoots at our studio. So if you are over 18 years old and female and would be interested in working with us at our studio then please read on. Please note that refreshments and snacks are always available on our shoots, there is a private changing area for clothing changes and makeup and you are more than welcome to bring a friend along (double bookings with you and a friend can be arranged on the same day).

Hair Models

Our portfolio and social media posts show you great examples of the type of images shot with our hair models at our studio. Photo sets and brief video clips consist of any of the following: hair brushing, hair cape modelling, tease cuts with scissors, wig cuts (wigs provided by us), wet hair, blow drying, braids/ponytails. The photo sets are very high quality as you can see in our portfolio. If you have no modelling experience, hair modelling for Mane Art is extremely easy and experience is not required. Short 4k shot video clips of the same styles are also done (around 5 minutes long) and some talking/script is required in the video.

Hair Shoots are around 4 hours long.

Hair Model Fees

(payable to you)

Hair Models £150
Photo sets and brief video clips.

If interested then please fill out the Model Enquiry form or feel free to contact us on any of our social media pages.

Haircut Models

Haircut shoots are exactly the same as described in the Hair Models description above but of course with a real haircut photo set/video at the end and of course you earn a higher fee (fees paid for haircut shoots are dependant on hair length and how much your willing to cut, which is always 100% your choice).

Haircut shoots will suit those who are thinking of a change of style and do not mind a haircut shoot with us before having it professionally tidied up by their own hairdresser. Due to the length of the photoshoots, we do not provide a hairdresser and from experience, we know that many models would prefer to have it tidied up by their own trusted hairdresser. Many book appointments in the day after shooting with us and use part of the fee earned from the shoot to cover the salon cost.

We are happy for you to bring a friend to do the cut (they must be happy to be in photos/video of the cut), or by our mobile hairdresser John (jdhairwd17 on Instagram) or the cut can be done by yourself. If bringing a friend then double bookings with you and a friend can be arranged on the same day.

Haircut Shoots are around 6 hours long.

Haircut Model Fees

(payable to you)

Haircut Models £250-£500
Fee dependent on hair length and amount cut.

If interested then please fill out the Model Enquiry form or feel free to contact us on any of our social media pages.

Note. If you wished to extend the shoot by a few hours then I am happy to spend that time shooting some fashion and beauty style photography for you so you have some beautiful photos for your own personal use from the day. With free access to our wardrobe and prop room we can create some unique photos of your choice.

Charity Cuts

We have experience with charity cuts and shaves such as Macmillan Brave The Shave and are happy to arrange your event at our studio. Instead of a model fee, Mane Art will make a sizeable donation (often beating your target amount on its own) to your fund raising, cover travel costs and provide free images from the shoot.

We will provide you with some before, during and after photos on the day (including some wearing the Macmillan t-shirt if applicable) for your own social media posts and some edited photos at a later date (within 2 weeks). If you’re donating your hair, we will provide a zip lock bag for you to take away with you.
We will give you some professional photos of your new look after the cut/shave.

Enquiry Form

Would you like to be involved in Mane Art but live too far from our studio in Hertfordshire, UK?

Are you currently a content provider for your own fan site or are able to shoot hair videos at home?

If yes, then we would be interested in hearing from you to shoot content for us.

Some of our video content is shot exclusively for Mane Art by models themselves at home on various devices such as camcorders, phone cameras, etc. If you shoot for sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids or AdmireMe, Clips4Sale we have no issue with you also using the video shot for Mane Art for yourself on these sites as these sites are of course fans of yours and not a hair niche so there is little chance of our members seeing the clips you post. All we ask is that it is on a pay-to-view site, not a free platform like youtube, etc.

Even if you do not shoot for any other websites/fan sites this is something anyone can be involved in but we do require the quality of videos sold to us to be of a fairly good standard. We don’t expect professionally shot content of course, but decent lighting, shot straight, framing is important and decent sound quality with no loud background noises. You also need the ability to be able to send larger files to us via free services like WeTransfer.com as files can be sent free here without the need of any sign up, as video files need to be the best quality (up to HD, we do not need 4k) they can be shot at on your device so a good internet connection is required too. If you are unsure whether your phone/device can shoot at the required standard then we are happy for you to send us a brief 10-second video clip, please include some audio, so we can inform you if we are happy to proceed. This 10-second clip will be instantly deleted and will not be used anywhere.

When shooting content for Mane Art, the difference between videos on Mane Art and videos on other hair related sites on the internet is the connection between the model (you) and the viewer. Therefore videos do require some talking into the camera. We will be happy to give you tips, some scripts for this and you can watch our free tour videos or our sample videos on our youtube site to get an idea of the content we shoot. For example, if your brushing hair then talk about your hair and brushing itself. Pretty simple stuff but you must be happy to do this. Videos need to be between 5 and 10 minutes long. Longer clips, such as cutting hair sessions can be recorded and sent as multiple shorter clips. You can start/stop the recording every five minutes to make it easier to transfer the files over to us. We will edit all the clips together in our studio.

We have some notes in our terms and conditions about producing content for us, but so we can be totally up front with you, these are taken from our T&C:

3.2 Mane Art will pay content partners the fee for video content on the day the agreed video is received by us. Until payment is made to you, the content and copyright is still yours and will not be used by us until we have paid you to transfer ownership of it over to us.
3.3 Once payment has been made to you, the content becomes the property of Mane Art and copyright on the material is ours to use on our website, social media pages and 3rd party websites under Mane Art pages.
4.3 By working with Mane Art, either via photo shoots or as a content partner you must have attained the age of majority in your jurisdiction. You agree that you are at least eighteen (18) or twenty-one (21) years of age, depending on the age of majority in your jurisdiction, and that You have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement.

We will not ask you to produce any material for us and not pay you the agreed amount in the agreed time frame. We will not use any material until you have received payment in full as agreed. We value you working with us and many of our video content partners get regular repeat work from us to produce videos for this site. We will not jeopardize this or our reputation by not paying you for content shot for us. Payments are sent either via paypal or instant bank transfer, which ever is your preferred method on the day we receive the video.

Fees paid by us per video:

Hair content videos - £15 /video.
Consists of any of the following: hair brushing, hair styling, haircut tease (scissors play), wig cuts (will cover the cost of wigs), hair washing, hair drying. Video length about 5-6 minutes.

Haircut content videos - £30 /video.
Consists of basic haircutting, fringe cuts, trims, undercut re-shaves. Minimum duration 5 minutes but as long as the cut takes.

Haircut content videos - from £50 /video.
Consists of more than basic haircutting and more dramatic haircutting. Fee depends on hair length, amount cut off, etc. Please enquire for more details.

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