Female Haircut Models Wanted

No Modelling Experience is required. We offer excellent fees for female haircut video production models. Videos are shot at our Hertfordshire photography studio.

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How to be a Haircut Model for Mane Art

We are seeking female haircut models to have their hair cut into short styles for ManeArt video productions, shot at our studio in Hertfordshire.

Longer hair models are preferred so we can go through various cuts and styles on the way to the final haircut. Our hairdresser is John (search jdhair81 on Instagram) or your most welcome to bring your own hairdresser or a friend to do the cutting. (Please note they must be happy to be in the video).

No modelling experience is needed and you will be paid a modelling fee for the haircut depending on current hair length and how short you are willing to go. This is usually from £150 up to £300.

Charity Cuts

Some of our models have raised funds for charity via the Little Princess Trust or McMillan’s Brave the Shave in having their hair cut ultra short for ManeArt and if this is something you would be interested in then we can help you set this up.

We have all forms, zip lock bags, postal bags and hair bands needed for Princess Trust hair donations and we are happy to shoot some before, during and after photos of you if you are doing the BraveTheShave event with you in the t-shirt they supply you with.

For any of our haircut options we are also happy to offer you a free photoshoot at the end of your haircut if you wished to have some professional photos of your new look and will make a 60 second video of the event for your own use.

One of our donation videos

Female Home Recorded Content Creators Wanted

We realise it’s not always possible to travel to our studio and lots of the models on ManeArt shoot content exclusively for our site from the comfort of their own home. If you shoot content for your own fan pages and would like to shoot Hair content for ManeArt then please get in touch. We are an established website and we are easy to work with.

We pay £25 per hair video shot which will need to be about 6 minutes long. Please message if interested in working with us or would like more information.

We also pay higher fees for home recorded haircutting content. So if you cut your own hair at home, are thinking of a more drastic change or simply wish to cover your hairdresser appointment fees by doing a pre appointment cut video for us then please get in touch. Fees paid depends on length of hair and amount cut. We have had home recorded content from fringe cuts to 1 inch trims to long to short cuts so we are pretty flexible.

All home shot content can be shot on phones if the quality is good (along with light) and easily sent to us via free services like wetransfer so its extremely easy and no editing on videos is required as we can do that our end.

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