Welcome to
Mane Art Photography

My name is Lee and I am a fashion, beauty and hair photographer based in Hertfordshire, UK. I shoot the photo sets and videos for Mane Art Photography from my professional photography studio.

Mane Art Photography is a website dedicated to all things hair which aims to provide a service to those subscribing to view new monthly content to those earning fees providing such content for us.

Hair Models

With our very unique access to model friends shooting photo sets and videos exclusively for Mane Art and more people becoming involved with us each month, we have the opportunity to provide what you want.

The Studio

A professional, heated (with additional air conditioning) spacious studio with dozens of options for backdrops. Also an extensive model’s wardrobe with over 4 rails of clothing and accessories.

A private area for models to change clothing including a large dressing table and mirrors for makeup.


Photo Shoots

Brand new, extremely high-quality photo sets.

Video Shoots

A mixture of videos shot at our studio to videos shot and sent to us by the models, exclusively for Mane Art.

Bonus Sets

Blast from the past older photo sets and videos, some never seen before.

What Mane Art receives from subscriptions will be re-invested back into the site to bring you a constant stream of brand new content with monthly updates. Whatever your hair interest is, we hope we have it covered, and if we don’t, as a member you have a voice and can tell us what you would like to see featured.

We provide everything from professional hair photo shoots to high quality hair content photo sets and hair videos to cover a diverse range of hair content including hair brushing, hair washing, haircuts, hair capes, tease cuts, hair play inc wigs, duo model hair shoots and lots are scripted with the models talking on camera in the video’s which is really unique to hair content videos.

We are on social media, so please give us a follow so you never miss an update.

How can I be involved?

By Joining Us

Explained in more detail on our Become a Member section but the membership includes all content on the site. We do not do tier memberships restricting certain aspect so you have everything.

By Modelling for Us

Explained in great detail on our Become a Model section where we offer a variety of options for you to be involved and earn a fee from us. From hair and haircut photo/video shoots to becoming a content provider with us and providing content for Mane Art.